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The 300 Rep Count Down Card Program - Count Down Reps for Fitness, Rehab and Fun.

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 "Karate-do may be referred to as the conflict within yourself, or a life-long marathon which can be won only through self-discipline, hard training, and your own creative efforts." ~ Shoshin Nagamine  


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Count Down Cards:

If you’ve ever done ladders or pyramids you’ll immediately recognize this very simple, time proven and effective idea.  This is how many old time traveling wrestlers, stuntmen and strong men kept in shape while “on the road” and many of today’s athletes use this method also.  The program is so simple and flexible it can and is being used by beginners, intermediate, advanced and extreme athletes and it’s also being used as a tool for rehab.  The variations and applications are almost endless.  Laid out on a business card format the cards fit in your shirt pocket.  You can take them to the gym, on business trips, to work or home, indoors or outdoors and you’ll be ready for an amazing workout anywhere, any time with or without equipment.

A lifelong exerciser and martial artist I have always enjoyed solo workouts.  For me exercise like running, walking, calisthenics, kata, and solo drills have always been rewarding and a type of meditation.  One of the problems that I encountered doing solo workouts was a “wandering mind” of sorts that caused me to lose my place, loose count when doing sets, pyramids and ladders.  I used pennies, screws, pebbles, 3x5 cards, and numbers written on a piece of paper to help me “keep my place”.  I came across some old Rolex cards that were being thrown out, numbered them, started working with them, made a few changes and additions and they became my countdown / place keeping cards.

The cards are 2 sided and have several applications that can be applied to almost any form of exercise: side 1 - has 4 numbers on each of the first 24 cards.  In the center there are 2 numbers, 1 in bold print and 1 underlined.  The bold print numbers in the center start at 24 and go to 1 and make up the foundation of the program, 24 to 1 descending sets for a total of 300 reps.  The underlined numbers start at 1 and go to 24, they can be used for advanced and alternate workouts. There are 2 remaining numbers, slightly smaller and located on the bottom left and right sides.  The number on the left indicates how many reps remain to complete the 300.  The number on the right indicates the reps completed as you count down from 24 to 1.  These smaller numbers are also utilized for shorter and alternate programs.   There are additional cards that have quick workout ideas.

To save time and space the following example will be with pushups a time proven exercises and the staple for many old time and present athletes.  By following the directions in the information package determine your starting point.  Turn to that card and do the number of reps shown in the middle of the card, pause for the same amount of seconds and move to the next card.  Again do the number of reps shown on the card (descending order for beginners) and again pause for the same amount of seconds.  Continue doing this to the last card.  The number of reps that you have completed will be on the bottom left.  If you follow the basic program (count) going from 24 to 1 you will complete 300 reps in about 15 minutes.  Although this is a high volume work out it's still joint friendly because you never do more than 24 reps at time.

The cards can also easily be used with free weights, machines, resistance bands, suspension trainers, kettle bells, and calisthenics, punching drills, station drills, with or without equipment, in combination with an existing program or as a stand-alone program, for solo workouts or group workouts.  The cards are more than just a program think of them as a tool like a timer.  Several basic programs are covered in the instructions: programs for rehab, travelers, short programs, long programs, 3 days a week, 6 days a week, and more.

Side 2 - additional counts and workouts that can be used for alternate workouts.  On side 2 you will find a 13 to 13 count that's great for "heaver and harder" exercises.  The cards have several counts for 100 reps, 50 reps and more not just the 300 rep program.  1 customer is using 13 - 13 count with a home gym that's advertised on TV by a very well know martial artist and other celebrities.

Use them as a stand alone program, nothing else needed, or along with the program and equipment you are currently using.

The cards are small but packed with great workouts. They're Spiral Bound that keeps them neat and organized before, during and after use.

  300 Rep Count Down Cards make a great gift and can be purchased from LoinQuest Fitness:





They are now also available here:

Cards and program $12.00 shipping and handling included.

For overseas orders please e-mail me - gary@garybowes.com

Power Ts:

 Now in our 7th year of selling to the public the warrior pushup Ts, AKA Power Ts, have a proven track record.  They offer a unique, challenging and result producing way to exercise.  I originally created the Ts for serious martial artists as a way to increase striking power, improve form, and to strengthen the hands and wrists in a way that would help prevent the injuries that often occur when striking with bare hands.  In the past many martial artist did knuckle pushups as a way to strengthen the wrists and improve punching power.  Using the Ts for pushups and other exercises demands added strength, balance, form, and coordination making exercises like the pushup even more result producing.  Results are stronger, more stable, hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulder, chest, and back muscles, tendons, and joints all important to combat athletes.   

These same qualities are important to, body builders, wrestlers, rock climbers, tennis players, fitness enthuses, and just about any other athlete.  I have sold and shipped Ts all over the world to armature and elite athletes.  They are being used by several MMA fighters and are in use in several Dojos across the country.

Many people that are proficient at pushups are unable to do even 1 pushup on their first try.  The Ts come with a program that takes you from starting to advanced exercises.  The instructions show beginner to advanced grips, exercises, and modifications that have almost endless variations that address general and or specific needs. 

 These are the originals, built to last a life time and made in the USA.

You can purchase Ts here:

Ts and program $55.00 Shipping and handling included.

For overseas orders please e-mail me garybowes@garybowes.com


Questions?  Feel Free to contact me gary@garybowes.com.

The photo below shows an earlier set of the Count Down Cards.  The current cards are bound together at one end keeping them organized and making them easier to follow. 


Check out a You Tube video of me using the Ts:


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